Health & Nutrition

As we enter the spring and summer season, remember to encourage your children drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. It’s a great time to spend time with your children outside enjoying seasonal activities and engaging in exercise. Feel free to stop by the office for ideas or to receive a free copy of Mr. Thomas Health Tips.

Health & Nutrition

As we enter the spring and summer season, remember to encourage your children drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. It’s a great time to spend time with your children outside enjoying seasonal activities and engaging in exercise. Feel free to stop by the office for ideas or to receive a free copy of Mr. Thomas Health Tips.


Little Bible Buddies

Take a few minutes and browse through our photos, please call to take a tour you will see our dedication to our center!


Toddler Room

Toddler Room


Pre-School Classroom

Pre-School Classroom


Little Bible Buddies Bus

Little Bible Buddies Bus







Meet Our Staff

Little Bible Buddies

Little Bible Buddies Teachers work diligently daily to make the children’s day productive and exciting. Our teachers are here to serve the families of Upper Darby Township while serving God. The staff had obtained five or more of the following:

1. Bachelor or Associate degree

2. ECE credit courses at two or four year university

3. 6 hour (mandated training through DPW) per year

4. 4 or more years experience with teaching children

5. First Aid and CPR training  

6. CDR accreditation

7. A love, respect and appreciation of all children and all living creatures


SUPER Summer Camp


Little Bible Buddies



Little Bible Buddies SUPER SUMMER CAMP UPPER DARBY offers a 10 week is tailored for children ages 5-14.  Located in Upper Darby.  Our camp is filled with amazing adventures and excitement. Hours are 7:00 am-6:00 pm with extended care lunch and snacks provided.  Your family has the choice of one to ten weeks and multiple week discounts.

 Camp Began on June 19th 2017.  We take 18 Trips to various locations.  Some include Arnolds  Sahara Sams The  Hershey Park Paint ball The Franklin Institute and many more.



We have a them for each week. We have Science week Wacky week Carnival week Chocolate week water exploration Space week Sports week Adventurous week. Outdoor week and Celebration week.

The LBB Summer Camp Program is an exciting and hands on learning opportunity for young learners with a special emphasis on Art, Dance, Career exploration and Drama.  While Continuing to improve the student’s Reading, Writing, and Math Skills.

Each week, campers set out on a different expedition that will take them to  exciting destinations whether it be with a trip or activity.


Additionally, we have a special Preschool Summer Camp Program for children ages 3-4 that focuses on academics and Summer fun, lunch and snack are also provided.  We offer a Summer Reading Program.  An example of your child’s day is, arrival at 7am Breakfast/ Quiet table tops

We clean up at 8:45 and transition to Devotional.  on non trip days we will have project development.  10:30-11:00 is Snack time  From 11-12 is our Reading program. From 12-1pm is our lunch time and from 1-2pm is their time to reflect.

Some highlights are Movie Mondays Trivia Tuesdays Water ice Wednesdays Tasty Thursdays And Flashback/Flash forward Fridays.

Our program provides age appropriate fun for children 5-13 yrs old

There is a two week minimum enrollment for Summer Camp

Camp Begins June 19th  through August 25th





Summer Camp Upper DarbySummer Camp Upper Darby

Before & After Care

Little Bible Buddies





Little Bible Buddies picks up from all Upper Darby Township K-8 schools!  We make sure your child is prepared for school and home before and after school.  We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our childcare services include homework help and tutoring, afternoon devotions, and extracurricular activities.

Homework assistance/tutoring is available for children in grades K-8 who participate in the program. Head Start and half day Kindergarten Before & After Care services as well. Transportation is provided. Summer Camp Too!!!! Ages range from 3-12 and our Before & After Care Program is run Monday-Friday from 6:45am-6:00pm.

Little Bible Buddies programs provide a safe and nurturing environment for your school age child. The Before and After school children receive breakfast and transportation to school. The After School children receive homework assistance and are fed dinner.They have access to computers (internet) and they participate in Karate and Dance and movement. Parents are very pleased with the results of this program. Our parents are happy to know that their children are in a safe environment.

Conveniently located in Upper Darby, Little Bible Buddies offers part-time or full-time childcare services at an affordable price.

Little Bible Buddies is certainly attempting to do our part in keeping our youth active and involved in this positive program. While in this program, children are able to talk with their peers in an environment which is focused and fosters positive individuality and doing God’s work.

upper darby childcare

Kindergarten Program

Little Bible Buddies

Full and half day Kindergarten classes and transportation to and  from ALL Upper Darby Township half day Kindergarten programs 


Little Bible Buddies provide the highest standards in early childhood education in a small group environment. Your child receives early academic instruction and we  on will help your child gain exceptional skills for academic fulfillment and a love of learning.  Our  Kindergarten program will make sure your child is prepared for social and academic success!  Your child will experience the joy and excitement of an exceptional educational program which develops their abilities, talents, and character to impact the world for the Lord.

Little Bible Buddies provide many hands-on learning opportunities and our curriculum is a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities designed to meet the needs of individual learning styles. The curriculum provides a perfect balance of learning and play while stimulating academic achievement and developing Christian identity. Children enjoy an array of activities centered on: Bible, reading readiness, reading and writing skills, mathematics, science, technology, and social studies. Our full and half-day program also includes: library, art, music, physical education, foreign language, and world cultures.


Infant thru Pre K

infants & toddlers

Little Bible Buddies

Little Bible Buddies Infants, Pre Kindergarten, & Toddlers Experience

 Upper Darby 1st stage infants class

Little Bible Buddies enrolls infants as young as 6 weeks of age.  They remain in our 1st stage infants/toddlers room until the age of 18 months and our 2nd Stage toddler class is 18 months to age 8.  We provide a multitude of sensory stimulating activities throughout the infants’/toddlers’ day.  The loving staff stimulate the children’s minds through reading, music, playing, bubbles , fine motor activities, nature walks, rolling/bouncing balls and lots of nurturing.

Upper Darby 2nd stage toddlers Class

Little Bible Buddies 2nd stage toddlers will fill their day with Language, math, fine motor, gross motor, sensory, music, art and teamwork/social skills and much more.  Parents will surely be pleased.

Upper Darby Preschool Program

Little Bible Buddies three year old, learning is both educational and fun through opportunities such as creative curriculum, tracing shapes, copying letters, cutting and pasting.  Mathematics skills are also developed through hands-on activities.   In our science centers, students learn about the natural world and how they interact with objects, people, and other living things.  Dramatic play encourages social interaction, creativity, and language skill development.

Upper Darby  Pre Kindergarten Program infants & toddlers

Little Bible Buddies Pre Kindergarten program provides children with a strong foundation that not only builds on the preschool program, but also helps prepare the child for a successful kindergarten experience.   Our well-balanced curriculum provides for academic advancement and developmental growth.  Our Pre  Kindergarten learn to use strategies of phonics by identifying sounds and relating them to word structures.  Phonics, language, and writing development go hand-in-hand as children explore the writing process.  In our mathematics program, students learn not only identification and written recognition of numerals but also the basic concepts of addition and subtraction.

Upon exiting Little Bible Buddies Pre Kindergarten program, students will have completed a Kindergarten curriculum in phonics, math and handwriting.  Our technology program is also an Integral part of our Pre kindergarten program.  They are taught terminology, care of the computers and software, and the appropriate use of the main keys. The children have access to creative and age appropriate educational programs that support our educational philosophies and goals.

About Little Bible Buddies

Our program assists and encourages children to develop important reading, language arts and mathematical skills. As well as problem solving skills. We are here to support the growth and development of every child from infancy through adolescence and provide parents with tools and information to better assist their children’s social emotional educational and spiritual development

Providing nutritional and well balanced meals to children enrolled in our programs is another way that we help to support the growth and development of children throughout the year. Breakfast, Lunch, Snack & Dinner are served.