Parent Communication and Information

Bulletin boards

Parent bulletin boards are located near the kitchen on the lower level. Please check them frequently for updates and information, recalls of children’s products, activities at the center, etc. Also available in this area is information about parenting, copies of parenting magazines and brochures, and other publications of interest to parents.

Parents’ newsletter

A parent newsletter will be distributed monthly via the parent’s email address along with a bi-monthly calendar. Important information about policy changes will be published, along with staff news and other stories of interest.

Parent information area

Each classroom will designate a parent information area. This area will include the daily sign-in and sign-out sheets, field trip information, daily schedule and lesson plans, and written accounts of the day for individual children or the group as a whole.

Daily communication with teachers

Parents are encouraged to have oral communication daily with teachers. Most classroom teachers open their classrooms and are available to speak with you about any concerns or questions you may have. Additionally, you may call the center at (610) 734-5900, and speak with the teachers or director at any time. Please contact your classroom teacher for their email address for direct communication.

Scheduled conferences

Scheduled conferences are offered twice per year. Please watch for times and sign-up for an individual conference on the development of your child. Parents may also request a conference with teachers or the director at any time to obtain or share additional information about their children. Parents are always welcome to drop by and observe or participate in classroom activities.


All written records about children, staff, and parents are strictly confidential. Parents will receive a copy of any accident or injury reports about their children but may not have access to information about incidents involving other children. If your child is involved in an incident or accident with one or more other children, the other child(ren)’s name(s) will not be listed on your copy of the report.  Phone numbers and addresses of children in our care are not given out without the written permission of the parent.


During the early childhood years, children are learning to be in charge of themselves. We believe in establishing consistent, understandable limits and in having teachers who respond to inappropriate behavior with insight, sensitivity and skill. We believe it is our responsibility to provide children with positive guidance, and, in our experience, most children respond well to our approach. In the event that a child does not respond, we will notify the families and work closely with them to develop a plan to help the child gain self-control and a positive attitude toward his peers and teachers.

Disciplinary dismissal

Occasionally, a child will experience difficulty in adjusting to or abiding by certain rules of behavior in a group setting. If your child is experiencing difficulty, you will be notified by your child’s teacher and a conference may be scheduled. The teachers, along with the director, will work with you to resolve the situation. If your child continues to display negative behavior, putting him or herself or the staff at risk of physical harm, or is damaging center property, the center reserves the right to dismiss your child.

Discontinued care

Little Bible Buddies reserves the rights to refuse/terminate care with a two-week notice because of behavior exhibited by the child or parent that’s considered detrimental to the center. The definition of detrimental is determined to affect the safety or well-being of staff or children or non-compliance with center policies, including payment procedures.