How to Register

How to register

To register or place your child on a waiting list, simply visit the center or fill out a registration form with the desired schedule indicated. The director will contact you. Our flexible scheduling allows for part-time and full-time attendance.
Once you are on the waiting list, we ask that you call every three months or so to check your status. This lets us know you are still interested in a space. If we don’t hear from you within one year, we will remove your name from the list.
There is a registration fee of $40 per family that is due at time of enrollment.
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Complete and return immunization form

State law requires all children in child care centers to present evidence of immunization against certain diseases within 30 school days (six calendar weeks) of admission to the child care center. These requirements can be waived only if a properly signed health, religious, or personal conviction waiver is filed with the child care center. If you have any questions about immunizations or how to complete this health form, please contact our office or your local health department.
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