Scheduling and Tuition


Tuition is collected on a weekly basis and is due in advance of the week of care, specifically Fridays for the week following. Tuition must be received in the office no later than 6pm Monday for that week of care. A late fee of $5 per day will be assessed for all tuition received Tuesday through Friday for a current week of care. If by Friday, tuition still has not been remitted, the child will not be permitted to return until the outstanding balance has been satisfied.
Tuition rates for child care services are reviewed on a yearly basis every May. Notification of specific increases will be made in writing.
Payment can be made by cash, credit, check or money order and should be made out to “Little Bible Buddies Child Care Center” or “LBB.” Payments may be submitted to the Payment Slot to the left of the main office door should the office be closed.
Checks returned from the bank marked NSF will be assessed a $40 fee.
Amounts paid in excess will be credited on the next month’s statement or will be refunded to families no longer attending the center.

Late pick-up fine

Because of licensing requirements, strict ratios must be followed, so staying late or arriving early often puts a classroom over the mandated ratio. We ask that you call the center so that arrangements can be made to stay in compliance. The center closes at 6 p.m., and “closing” staff are required to stay in the building until all rooms are empty. Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to gather your child(ren) and belongings so the building is clear at 6 p.m. and staff can lock up. If you are late picking up your child(ren), after the 6pm closing, a fee will be assessed at $1 per minute per child. The late fee is due at time of pick-up. Unpaid late fees will be added to the tuition for the following week.

Withdrawing from the center

A two-week notice is required for withdrawal from the center. The withdrawal section of the schedule change form with the last date of attendance noted should be returned to the office so the space may be offered to families on the waiting list.

Tax Receipts

Yearly receipts of child care expenses are issued in January for tax purposes and include the federal identification number. If a receipt is needed at any other time, please ask the office.