Center Philosophy

While respecting and appreciating all faiths, Little Bible Buddies Child Care and Learning Center reflects the teachings of Christ in our philosophy; just as our Father in Heaven, we are not willing that any of our little ones should be lost. We believe if you train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it. We serve our children by developing the whole person, encouraging verbal skills and fostering service to the community.

We provide opportunities for every child to grow socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, creatively and spiritually. We strive to create an engaging environment where children learn about themselves, gain an understanding of other cultures and develop self-esteem. Each child at Little Bible Buddies is given acceptance, encouragement and respect as a unique creation of a God.
We believe that the whole child develops in an orderly manner by passing through stages of development, which occur in predictable sequential fashion according to his or her physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. We provide experiences in dramatic play, math, art, science, music, language, pre-reading and pre-writing. These experiences nurture and facilitate growth at each stage of a child’s development.
Verbal skills are encouraged through group discussions and through one-on-one conversations between teacher and child and between children. These verbal activities enable children to develop the critical-thinking skills necessary to further learning. One of the teacher’s roles in this process is to ask the right question at the right time to spark the interest and desire to pursue a line of inquiry.
Finally, children are assisted in identifying and participating in activities that will help better the larger communities and world in which they live. As a child develops from an egotistical self to one with more concern for others, the curriculum emphasizes thought and activity directed toward the other members of the community.
In pursuing these objectives, the major task and calling of the teacher is to nurture the self-esteem of each child. Children who are secure and have a strong sense of self-worth develop into whole persons, ready to tackle any future learning activity and able to give of themselves.